Drug Free Policy

Substance Abuse
Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. is committed to providing its employees with a safe workplace and an atmosphere, which allows them to protect inventory and other assets, placed in their care; Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. employees should not be subject to any safety threats from fellow workers. You are expected to be in suitable mental and physical condition while at work, allowing you to perform your job effectively and safely. Whenever use or abuse of any mood altering substance (such as alcohol or other drugs) interferes with a safe workplace, appropriate action must be taken. Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. has no desire to intrude into its employees’ personal lives. However, both on-the-job and off-the job involvement with any mood altering substances can have an impact on our workplace and on Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc’s ability to achieve its objectives of safety and security. Therefore, you are expected to report to the workplace with no mood altering substances in your body. While you may make your own lifestyle choices, Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc cannot accept the risk in the workplace which substance use or abuse may create. The possession, sale or use of mood altering substances at the workplace, or coming to work under the influence of such substances shall be a violation of safe work practices and will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible dismissal. Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. recognizes that alcoholism/drug abuse is a form of illness that is treatable in nature. The company shall not discriminate against employees based on the nature of their illness. No employees shall have their job security threatened by their seeking of assistance for a substance abuse problem. The same consideration for referral and treatment that is afforded to other employees having non-drug/alcohol related illnesses shall extend to them.

  • Every effort shall be made to provide an early identification of a substance abuser, to work with and assist the employee in seeking and obtaining treatment without undue delay.
  • Early identification of the substance abuser shall be based upon job performance and related criteria, as well as resulting impairment on the job from the job activities. The supervisor of the employee shall bring such information to the attention of the designated representative for further evaluation. An employee who voluntarily seeks treatment for a substance abuse problem, which requires a leave of absence for treatment, shall be granted such leave of absence and further shall be eligible for benefits under the specifications of the existing insurance policy.

Nothing in this policy is construed to prohibit the corporation from its responsibility to maintain a safe and secure work environment for its employees or from invoking such disciplinary actions as may be deemed appropriate for actions of misconduct by virtue of their having arisen out of the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs or both.

No employee of Tri County Landscape. will manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use on or in the workplace, any alcoholic substance, any intoxicating or auditory, visual or mind altering chemical or substance or narcotic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana or any other controlled substance, as defined by State and Federal Law or rule, or any counterfeit of such drugs or substances, all being collectively called “Drugs”. We define the “workplace” as the site for the performance of work done in connection with employment. As a condition of employment, each employee will notify his or her supervisor of his or her criminal conviction concerning controlled substances occurring within the workplace within five working days of said conviction. We may suspend or terminate any employee who may violate the terms of this policy.  Before testing, all job applicants must sign a Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing Consent and Release Form.

Any employee involved in a job-related accident where injury to persons or damage to property occurred, will be required to submit to a Drug & Alcohol Test. Any employee refusing to submit to such testing or tests positive will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. reserves the right to test any employee if there is reasonable suspicion that the employee may have violated this policy. Any employee refusing to submit to testing or tests positive, will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Effective August, 2013 Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. modified its Drug Free Workplace Policy to allow for random drug testing of all employees. Also, as part of that modification, Tri County Landscape Contractors, Inc. informed all employees that work on an OCIP (Owner Provided Insurance) or CCIP (Contractor Provided Insurance) project that their rights are assigned to that provider of insurance.